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    Adobe Fresco (x64) Multilingual Read-Info[BabuPC] ( 536.40 MB )

    Adobe Fresco Designed for the latest touch and stylus devices, Adobe Fresco contains the largest collection of raster and vector brushes in the world, in addition to the revolutionary new live brushes, to ensure a completely natural drawing and painting experience. For artists, illustrators, designers and animation creators and for anyone who wants to discover – or rediscover – the joy of drawing and painting.
    A thousand touches of skill.

    Work with watercolors and oils that bloom and blend with your touch, use vector and raster brushes together on the same canvas and choose your favorites from the thousands of resources available from Photoshop and the famous master Kyle T. Webster. With Adobe Fresco you will have at your fingertips the widest and most exclusive selection of brushes in the world.

    Make real masterpieces. Now with a lot less work.
    We have rethought the essential tools for illustrators that are faster and more efficient on pen and touch devices. To draw you can now take advantage of a modernized selection and masking process that allows you to isolate parts of a layer and transform selections into masks. Customize the user interface to facilitate drawing with your right or left hand and switch to full screen mode to eliminate any distraction from the canvas.

    The world is your study.
    Start your project on iPad and end it on your PC: all your work is automatically synchronized in the cloud and your PSDs are exactly the same, regardless of the device in use. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Creative Cloud, it will take you a few clicks to access your brushes, fonts and content from Adobe Stock and Libraries.

    Artwork. Now a lot less work.
    We’ve reimagined essential tools for illustrators that are faster and better for stylus and touch devices. Draw using a modernized selection and masking process that lets you isolate parts of a layer and turn selections into masks. Customize your UI to make it easier for left- or right-handed drawing. And switch to full-screen mode to clear your canvas of distractions.

    – Microsoft Windows 10 version 1809 or later
    – 4 GB Ram
    – 2 GB Hard Disk
    – Intel or NVIDIA GPU with Direct X Feature Level 12.1
    Fresco is available in the following languages:

    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese



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